Commercial Owner

Commercial Owner

If you own a commercial property in Mumbai then you stand a chance getting the highest yield on your investment in the Commercial Lease Rent Market.

Your post tax yield could be anywhere from 7% on a lower side to above 14% if you have bought the property at least 7 years before.

Our Services for Property Owners In order to maintain your properties on lease we provide a bouquet of services which enables you to perpetually lease your properties. Our Services are advisory in nature and not deal driven and hence we are able to give you a friendly, honest and practical advice from time to time.

Once we know you and your property well, then we are able to start looking for the most appropriate client.

A few Services/Updates which we provide you from time to time:

Updating you with the market trends and latest developments

Finding appropriate clients for you once your property is vacant

Advising on the agreements, period of lease, escalations, termination clauses, lease rent terms and other aspects of commercial leasing and structuring the transaction

Guiding in respect to the property taxes, maintaining the property and other general matters

Understanding your tax structure and advising on different market practices

Maintaining relationship with your tenants over a period of time

Marketing your Asset extensively over the internet and in the general Mumbai market with our extensive network

Assistant in financing the furnishing your premises with the help of RentWorks for finance

Advice on Rent Discounting

Advice in regards to fitouts and furnishings and recommending the best possible architects in Mumbai for the job

Guiding you with market rates and advising on Selling and Buying at the right time in the market

Please List Your Property here. If you have any further queries please feel free to mail us.

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