Running a business in today’s day and time has its challenges and real estate is one of them for sure, it is imperative to have a Professional Real Estate advisory company by your side, who understands the market dynamics and is well networked and connected and relates to your needs in all spectrums.

At we understand your needs, if you are a growing corporate or if you need housing for your Top Expatriate or a Senior or a Junior Executive in confidence etc. Our Scope of Services is wide and we are on the drawing board, right from the moment, we get the First Call or an Email from you.

Dealing with various Fortune 500 Companies, Banks and Corporates for over 10 years now, has given us an edge over our competitors and we have gained the experience with learning and practically being in the field and knowing ground realities and not just fictional instances.

General Scope of Our Services:

Meeting with you and understanding your requirement.

Once we understand your needs and commercial terms we recommend you suitable options in different locations.

We use Internet and Technology extensively, we present you pictures and details of the properties.

Negotiating the commercial terms, entering into the various contracts with special emphasis on ensuring that your interests are protected.

Our dedicated team of Senior and Junior officers are trained to accomplish all that is required to be done at various levels of a transaction.

We believe in keeping the Environment clean and as such prefer to work over scanned documents and our client management module has .pdf of all the property papers and digital pictures and agreements.

We have an experienced list of vendors and contractors which we can recommend you from time to time for utilities or services.

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